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  1. Bug: impossible to disable 'Send anonymous usage statistics'

    No matter how often I uncheck, every time I open the Settings, the checkbox for 'Send anonymous usage statistics' remains checked.

  2. On your website...

    On your website and in the last webinar Sencha is talking about improving the forums and support. Come on people! It's not...
  3. docs: no search results in API section (2.2.1)

    When searching in the docs for Sencha Test 2.2.1, no results show up in the 'API DOCS' section. Please see screenshot.
    NOTE: when performing the same action in the docs for 2.2.0, everything is...
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    [FIXED] timer-worker.js wrong location

    All the time I get this error:

    [WARN] [model/browser/SandboxBrowser-13] [WARN] [context/WebDriver] http://my_local_urll/~orion/files/event/timer-worker.js - Failed to load resource: the server...
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    [FIXED] error in documentation

    All 'cell' methods in ST.future.Row list the wrong return type: ST.future.Row instead of ST.future.Cell and below
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    Is there any news to share about this?

    Is there any news to share about this?
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    Error in documentation?

    Looking at the documentation at
    it says:

    Note that x, y and button args are not honored for WebDriver scenarios....
  8. Feature request: click() with negative values

    For some elements it is hard to determine where to click from the left side of the element (for instance, a menu trigger in a column header).
    It would be a nice add-on to be able to pass negative...
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    I may not have been clear enough (English not...

    I may not have been clear enough (English not being my native language).

    It is indeed possible to have multiple tabs open at once. The problem is, when you open a tab, and then want to open...
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    Opening scripts, unexpected behaviour

    When opening a script in Sencha Studio, it will open in a tab. When opening a second script, it will open in the same tab, in other words, the first script is closed.
    There is no possibility to...
  11. The remaining question for me is: why is this not...

    The remaining question for me is: why is this not documented?
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    Ext.require is not a function

    Trying to find out a way to run a unit test. As reference, I use
    However, I get an error

    TypeError: Ext.require is not...
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    request: hints for stc

    Could you please adapt the stc tool so that it will give a list of options with for instance a help switch?


    stc run --help


    -p Pool
    ... etc etc.
  14. Thank you Joel, That is a little surprising to...

    Thank you Joel,

    That is a little surprising to associate a page object to a URL. I think a lot of user have a single-page app, where a single URL takes care of the whole application. So, in my...
  15. 2.2 EA saving page-object through inspector removes existing

    I have a pageobject file. When I want to add some stuff to this, I go to Inspector. The inspector opens with the existing page object, but not all previous settings are 'verified'. So I want to save...
  16. groupclick event does not work with locked gridcolumns

    I noticed that the groupclick event does not work once there is one column in a locked state. I suppose this has something to do with the fact that there is actually an extra grid created on the fly....
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