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    Web Accessibility support


    This is a question for the Sencha guys.
    lately I've been examining my products (which are implemented mainly by Ext-JS) accessibility level of support.

    I wanted to find out if Ext is...
  2. raz0r1, thanks for the reply. Hi, skirtle, ...

    raz0r1, thanks for the reply.

    Hi, skirtle,

    1. I see the error when pages are loaded.
    2. I will check the privacy policy and let you know. Also, i'll check other web sites
    3. Yes. It happens...
  3. Hi raz0r1, Thanks for the reply. I saw this...

    Hi raz0r1,

    Thanks for the reply.
    I saw this thread today but it talked about the httpwatch and I wanted to know if also fiddler is a known issue.
    Regarding the new version, i'm going to upgrade...
  4. Anyone? Thanks,


  5. Keep getting error ERROR_INTERNET_INVALID_URL in Fiddler

    Hi All,

    I am using Filddler for web debugging.
    I started to notice the following error on my pages that use the ExtJS library:

    ERROR_INTERNET_INVALID_URL for url "https://:/".

    I'm using IE7...
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    Using Ext window and RTL support

    Hi All,

    I have an Ext window which i need to be with direction RTL.
    I have set the bodyStyle of the window with 'direction:rtl' and it worked for most ot the window items except for text fields...
  7. I need help on the example to adda progressbar to a grid cell !!!


    I saw this thread a while ago when i actually needed to use a progress bar in a grid.
    It works but i have a problem now:
    I also need to update some cells in a row while the progressbar runs...
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    Same problem but different


    I have a upper toollbar in a panle. The only element i have in the tollbar is a combo box.
    I tried to center the combo box the way you explain. It works on firefox but in IE only the combo...
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