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    [OPEN] Because modal windows have no ghostPanel, the fix...

    Because modal windows have no ghostPanel, the fix will raise an
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'setZIndex' of undefined

    So just add a simple validation

  2. Layout of a grid fails when parent and children columns hidden property doesn't match

    Ext version tested:


    If a grid contains a column with subcolumns, the hidden property from the parent column is not applied to children columns. This causes...
  3. [OPEN] An override would be enough

    Yes Gary,

    I confirmed both of your statements. In the fiddle you can change the ExtJS version to the 5.x and you'll find another alert saying that the issue was solved for the current version....
  4. [OPEN] stores property of model not set before calling convert function of fields v4.2.1.833

    Ext version tested:

    Find the fiddle

    When setting a convert function on field that uses the record's set method raises an error. The error happens due to the stores...
  5. It's been a discussion since a while, but I...

    It's been a discussion since a while, but I believe ExtJS doesn't handle building the url in a correct manner. That's why I proposed a fix and posted it in this other thread...
  6. [OPEN] Url should be built based on the action

    I think the url needs to be built based on the action the user is performing. The RESTful api method url for creating a new instance it's supposed to be using the HTTP...
  7. Adding custom css not related to a particular component

    As Phil points out, if you want to style a particular component on your application it's fine to add a sass/src/view/MyView.scss file, however if you want to add a simple style that applies all...
  8. [FIXED] When closable property set to false, MessageBox is not able to display

    It happens that the MessageBox won't be displayed either if the closable property is set to false.
    You can try with the fiddle I posted just replacing header: false to closable: false. You'll get...
  9. [FIXED] When header property set to false, MessageBox is not able to display

    The reconfigure method of the MessageBox has a line that hides or shows the close button based on the closable property as you can see below

  10. [CLOSED] That's how it is stated at Unit Tests documentation

    The Unit Testing documentation is out of date. That's why I was doing the same.
    I found this article refering to ExtJS Unit testing and the set up worked for me.
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    Sencha CMD and Jenkins


    Has anyone tried to run sencha app build from a Jenkins Job?
    I'm stuck with this. I would like to define a job in Jenkins to run the sencha app build command in order to get the built package...
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    Kinda same here

    Im having almost the same situation, but on the other way around. What happens to me is that the chart is rendered with the initial configuration, but when I resize the window, the strokes appear...
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    Hey slemmon Thank you for replying. I got a...

    Hey slemmon

    Thank you for replying. I got a JSFiddle but there it works just fine. You can use the add button to add items and the remove button to remove the one in...
  14. Build the configuration dynamically

    Use a method to get the axes configuration. You can try something like

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.MyTimeChart', {
    extend: 'Ext.chart.Chart',
    * @cfg {Date} startDate Initial date...
  15. Not able to position a custom chart shape type image properly

    I'm adding custom shapes to the line chart of the image type. I am able to see the images over the chart but i'm facing an issue and it's that the image top left corner is in the 0,0 position of the...
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    How to repaint markers on line chart?

    I'm using a line chart and i'm allowing the user to add/remove the markers shown in the chart.
    The markers that i'm showing are custom shapes, type image. For each marker I have a custom tooltip,...
  17. Need to be careful when firing the event from the...

    Need to be careful when firing the event from the button instance because it work reflect UI changes when then button is a toggleButton.

    mybutton.getEl(); worked better for me.
  18. Set the stroke style to transparent

    Set also the shadowAttributes to false so that avoid a semitransparent line where the stroke was supposed to be placed

    { type: 'line',
    highlight: true,
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    Lot of time spent on Invalidate

    I don't know how to interpret this also.
    I'm getting a lot of time spent on the 3rd run (3 runs from a single try) and it is because of Invalidate. How can I reduce the Invalidate time? could anyone...
  20. Well, if you could show me how to generate the...

    Well, if you could show me how to generate the small packages i can try loading them in the app based on user's actions. Maybe i can put together a set of controllers, models, views and stores and...
  21. I've tried JSBuilder and what it did was minified...

    I've tried JSBuilder and what it did was minified the main files used by the application. In the one I'm doing, some controllers, models, views and stores that loads based on a user action. There's...
  22. How can I use JSBuilder for Dynamic Loading


    When you have a relatively small ExtJS aplication, you can use JSBuilder or the Sencha tools to generate one single JS file with the classes required from ExtJS and your application.
  23. Could you please also add getMinValue() and getMaxValue()

    so that i dont have to access these values from the property itself
  24. please add setIncrement to the Ext.slider.Single and the Ext.slider.Multi components


    I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post about requesting new features, but the feature request forum is premium and I can't post to it.

    I would like to have a method to set the...
  25. How can I use webworkers when data changes on a chart


    I'm using a line chart, but when i get too many records or records are really separated from each other, the UI stills stood while it gets refreshed.

    Is there any way to do this...
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