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  1. Thanks for tip, it is not perfect but I have already sticked with one page app. BT
  2. Hello, I am quite confused and missing a good example. How to generate multipage application stucture. Not multiapplication!

    It seem the workspace is what is needed...
  3. In case of Ext.grid.panel with cellEditing plugin it helps to move the definition of plugin into initComponent() function instead of trying use config object like this

  4. I can just confirm the same problem. Unfortunately I do not understand the reason.

  5. Hm,
    thanks for tip. I also asked official support and it looks there is no plan for ExtCore-4. What to do? For simple tasks jQuery, for Window like application Extjs? Br... :(
  6. Hello,
    as it looks there is no longer Ext-core in Extjs 4 I would like to know how to use Extjs 4 just for dom manipulation, animation, Ajax, DomHelper etc as I do with Ext-core from Extjs 3.x. No...
  7. Hello,
    I can't find anything about configuration of ExtJs 4.x with Sencha CMD created MVC project under rewrite url (Apache mod_refrite) application.

    The problem is partly discussed here

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