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  1. In hindsight that was a foolish question. I found it. Thanks scott
  2. thank you. I have to apologize for being very green with sencha but where would the local examples be?
  3. Could you link the users.php file for the Example. I have had trouble accessing it.

    Also I do not understand the proxy API. I am attempting to put in new values for the CRUD...
  4. anyone use this before?

    Would love to understand what I am messing up in the installation.

  5. Replies
    I have the same issue. Would love to understand how to change views.

    Seems like sencha makes it complicated.
  6. Hey EasyDB does not show up when I navigate to /easydb/index.php/app/create.

    I put the easydb and extjs folders onto my webserver. What am I doing wrong?
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