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  1. No, the handler function tries to the post the new value to my server. If it fails, I use togglefield.setValue(oldValue) to put it back to the original value. This appears to trigger the "change"...
  2. I'm hoping this is a straightforward answer. I'm using a togglefield. I want the field to revert to its old value if I'm unable to post the change. When I do this in the controller using the...
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    Per the many examples, I create new xtypes by extending existing components. I do this by creating a separate file that starts with (for example with a 'view'):

  4. Had a container being pushed into the navigationView that had explicit "showAnimation" and "hideAnimation" values set ("slideIn", "slideOut" respectively).

    Since this animation is controlled...
  5. Appears to involve any method that traverses more than 2 "back" in the navigationView.

    In other words, pop(2) is working. pop(3) is not.
  6. Mitchell, as you suggested earlier, I've tried running my app under 2.2.0 RC (after I got load() and sync() working.)

    Sorry to report that the error still appears.
  7. Thanks, Aldri - that did fix it for me.
  8. Maybe this is easier? I created a single js file (Main.js view) that generates the error. Let me know what I need to provide or if you have any suggestions for workarounds. Thanks.

  9. Thanks for the suggestion. When I change that line (433) to return Ext.Date.parse(date, dateFormat) instead of return Ext.Date.format(date, dateFormat) I continue to get the error I was getting...

    Ext version tested:

    ST 2.2.0 Release Candidate
    Browser versions tested against:

  11. Hey Mitchell - I loaded the new RC, but now when I run my app, I get an error almost immediately of:

    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'getDefaultDateFormat'...
  12. Trying with RC. Have downloaded 2.2RC1, updated CMD, recreated my app using this new version. Now I get an error in compass related to a missing pictos-web.woff file. Tried following the...
  13. I'll post the code here in case helpful - it consists of six views:


    Ext.define("Test22b.view.Main", {
    extend: '',
    xtype: 'mainview',
    requires: [
  14. Hey Mitchell - I'll try the RC. I put a link to a small working app that demonstrates the error. Does that work for you?
  15. Made a smaller test case that reproduces the result.

    The post is here. The test case is at

    Any workaround suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

    Ext version tested:

    ST 2.2(beta)
    Browser versions tested against:

  17. Not sure how to resolve, but even a single pop() on this view now results in the same Cannot call method 'getPageBox' of null error. Firing the "back" event also generates this error.

  18. Trying to get my navigationView to pop back to first item. It seems the intended way to do this is with the "reset()" method.

    On several of my views, this works fine. On one of my views that has...
  19. I was sure I checked it, but I guess I didn't: latestfeteched does fire. Thanks.
  20. Had a working web app - moved to 2.1 and the jittery scrolling in the list view persuaded me to go to 2.2 once it went to beta. I installed that over the weekend and had several issues, but the one...
  21. Sorry to veer a bit - I can't get the previously working pullrefresh to work in 2.2b. Here's my code, that is similar to some of the examples I've seen. The docs show a new event called...
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    For now, I can use the most appropriate pictos icons but still wondering what the best way to integrate a custom icon would be. Thanks.
  23. ....

    If you include the following css in your app, either in your index.html or probably better in the custom code section of your app.scss file, and change the "content" to the appropriate letter...
  24. I upgraded to 2.2 to help with another problem. Now, several of my icons are behaving like this as well. In addition, my custom image icon is not working.
  25. Needed to edit the "username/.bash_profile" file to adjust the path that is specified in that file to point to the new version of CMD. Note that this may be a hidden file on your system and requires...
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