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  1. well, for good measure then, make sure dev and build use same version :)
  2. the java exceptions are about invalid version numbers.

    My suggestion is to check if you give the right variables in the following 3 files
    (these are (redacted) examples from my code)

  3. i circumvented it by placing the missing files in the build dir, doh
  4. did you start the project as a Android project and not as a javascript project ?

    are all your sencha /app/ files in the /assets/ folder ?

    if so: right-click your project in the bar to the left...
  5. @hjeDK

    you might want to test with an iphone (if that's in your target audience range) , iOS is *very* date object sensitive.

    i overrode the store's transformCoreData to work-around the issue...
  6. you may wanna set your ipad to developer mode, it will (maybe) tell you the issue. (uninstantiated variables have a bad habit of showing up in that log unnamed, and not linenumbered)
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    use Jasmine, it can be automated (i hear), but i just run it once before i commit/push to git


    describe("Basic Assumptions", function() {

    it("has Sencha Touch 2 loaded",...
  8. yes

    var x = foo <== local scope

    x = foo <== global scope
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    looks to me like they're both hooked into 'da' (whatever that is)

    (this is an example)

    Ext.define('MyApp.controller.Products',{ extend:'', config:{ ...
  11. did you install the google SDK stuff?

    my android apps built just fine (too bad i was testing on a 3.2 tablet, hehe)
  12. Depends, if you are handling retarded amounts of records , like i am: stick with 2.0 if you can.
    Memory use of stores is nearly twice as much in 2.0.1 , and there are no (working) build tools for...
  13. Seconding this bug

    '' throws an exception on line 65
  14. I tried, doesnt seem to help (enough)

    anything else i could do ?

    The following is my (crude) attempt of trimming the stores, extra trimming tips welcome.

    cropStore: function(storeName) {
  15. hey all,

    i'm faced with the challenge that the dataset i am loading into (4 different) stores (about 7-8k records of: 1 int and 1 string) is too big.

    By the time the fourth store loads, the...
  16. You can, just disable the transitions (and don't use any lists)

    config: {
    layout : {
    type: 'uxcard',
    animation: ( ? false :...
  17. try


    in stead of

    return record.get('lastName')[0];
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    iphones are picky on how Date object are handled, check if your code depends on this somewhere
  19. make sure each button has a uniqie ID
    make sure each button has a reference in your controllers config
    make sure each button has a control set

    config: {
    refs: {
    myButton : '#myButton' //...
  20. too bad, we have our code setup alsmost exactly the same, hehe

    i'm poring through!/guide/ajax but so far it just doesnt want to work
  21. i'm in the same boat as you are/were

    if you figured it out, i'd love to hear about it
  22. Even with all animations on False this still happens on our android test devices (a 4.0.4 phone and 3.x tablet) using Sencha Touch 2.0.1 (stable)

    even when employing the above CSS 'fixes'

  23. Seconding this, also using logcat and eclipse to develop

    My Tablet is a ViewSonic Viewpad 10s

    fails to scroll though a standard Ext.dataview.List
  24. DOH!'Session')
  25. does not exist (?) while inside Jasmine describe{ it() }
    ( even lacks a lot more functions, it seems ... ??? )

    Anyone got an idea how...
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