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  1. Hello,

    I am looking for a specific combobox with the following behavior:

    It acts like a normal combobox in that it fetches the list of things to display upon dropdown from the store, BUT, it...
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    Chrome is no longer a beta - this entire thread should be renamed!
  3. After drilling at this a while I finally managed to retrieve the value 65.00


    I don't think the Data Store is loaded...
  4. Well, it seems I spoke to early, even though the store looks like it loaded, when I dig deeper into the fields, I see undefined values...

    for example, I can't access the value 65.00...

    I try
  5. Thanks for your assistance, couldn't figure out how to set a specific breakpoint, so I told firebug to break on all errors, and I was able to see a piece of cruft code afterwards which was destroying...
  6. It contains an Action object... So if I try:

    data: result.result

    I get an error in firebug:

    [+] o has no properties ext-all-debug.js line 11525
    if(o.metaData) {
  7. I revised both my JSON and my store. I don't understand why this isn't working now. The JSON looks fine ( I have been comparing it to other posts on the board), as does the store. Any help or input...
  8. Still having some troubles although the I believe the FAQ has helped me somewhat. Here's what I'm trying to do

    I have a JSON string, which I am generating and returning from PHP. The JSON string...
  9. I think I found the answer to my own question under the Grid FAQ Nested JSON ... Will try that method, looks exactly like what I am trying to do.
  10. I'm trying to figure out how to best format some data into JSON I have. Basically I will return data to populate one or more gridpanels in tabs A..Z .

    Basically, the data for any gridtab will end...
  11. How does this solve anything if I want to use a fieldLabel apart from the overlabel?


    Color: [Select a color.../blue/red/yellow]

    It appears your solution would forbid me from using a...
  12. Code doesn't work as posted either before or after multiple comboboxes are created. If the solution is only for an application which uses one combobox, can it please be extended for n comboboxes?
  13. Does there exist a tool which will automatically manage and indent my Ext JS code? Preferably, one that puts commas at the beginning of the line rather than the end? I can live without the comma...
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    An entire grid disappearing when you use the mouse wheel to scroll in Chrome or Safari isn't considered showstopping?

    According to this source, Mozilla will be ending support for the FireFox 2 "mid-December 2008", which possibly means more users will be switching...
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    Google stamps the word 'BETA' on all of its applications that it releases to the public. For example, Gmail was released on April 1, 2004, and has had the word beta stamped on it for over 4 years...
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    Does the performance of this grid degrade as amount of rows returned by the initial query increase and number of columns requested increase?
  18. Disappearing grid problem when using mouse wheel to scroll exists for Google Chrome browser also
  19. Hello -

    Regardless of how I size my grid or columns, I am having the problem where the vertical scrollbar for the grid is overlayed on top of the sprite for the print icon. If I manually resize...
  20. Just curious if anyone else developed a small stylesheet for printing out a multi-page EXT-js grid
  21. (:| Are you being sarcastic? I think someone can find a better solution then this 8-|

    However for the moment this plugin seems to be the only viable printing mechanism for ExtJS that works for me....
  22. It works fine for that tiny grid. But try adding more rows, and you will see it does not print beyond the first page. The only solution I have found thus far is to remove all stylesheets from the...
  23. Having a problem with this. if the grid is more than one page, it does not print the additional pages. also, the first title row takes up one page. anyone have any solutions or what am I doing wrong?
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    In my EXTJS application I have need to use a print button within a given component. The function of this print button would be to print that entire component to the printer. Does anything like this...
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    Thanks for the new manuals, they are easier to read!
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