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  1. Hello
    i have a combobox that contains the list of my app's user declared as follows:

    fieldLabel: 'Username',
    name: 'id_user',
  2. Hello
    i have a grid where i want the user to check some rows for multi-select operations so i use var sm = Ext.create('Ext.selection.CheckboxModel'); and set the selModel grid property to sm.
  3. Hello,
    i have a viewport with some items inside it; in the east region i would like to add some Ext.Panels that i want to set collapsible so that the user can gain space in the interface.

    If i do...
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    i have a grid where, for every row, i want to generate a PDF on the fly.
    Actually i have defined the column as follows:

    text :...
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    Update: solved by doing: Ext.getCmp("DV1").getStore().load();
  6. Hello,
    i have successfully implemented drag and drop for a <div> item; the div has a classname, if i add float:left in the css for that class, drag and drop does not run anymore for that item.
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    i dynamically add items to a panel using:

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    i need to show a dataview and, inside every item of the DataView, i would like to show containing items from another query/Store. Which is the best way to do it?
    I don't think it can be done...
  9. I mean tips with html tags like div, table, span,b,i that contain the result of database queries; i don't know if it is a good thing to pre-fill every single tip with a single db query result.
  10. Hello,
    i'm successfully showing qtips in every grid row using the render event; i would like to show a "complex" qtips for every row going to the database to select data only when the user goes over...
  11. Great, thank you very much !
  12. Hi,
    thank you for your answer; just one thing: is there a way to specify something like form:form_name or do i have to specify the fields list in extraParams?
  13. Hello,
    i have a Ext.form.Panel with a button that needs to send the form fields to the PHP to apply search conditions; the PHP page returns a JSON structure with which i would like to build a Data...
  14. Hello,
    i'm building an app that gets and writes data to mysql through PHP; i've read that it's better to delegate security to the PHP side but i was thinking which is the best way to do it.
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    i've implemented successfully group field and pagination in a Grid.
    I've seen that if i use pagination in a grid with grouped field in the number of items related to the group field done as:...
  16. Ok, i've solved by implementing start and limit parameters on the server php side, that makes sense.
  17. Hello,
    i load json data using Ext.request; on success i would like to show these data using pagination.

    I've written:

    var MyStore = Ext.create('', {
  18. Hello,
    i would like to create BI apps similar to this: (just an idea)31826

    using SenchaChart.
    When the user taps an item i would like to refresh other charts based on the tapped item.
    Is there...
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    Data is loaded from a php page that returns a json strcture
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    maybe this question is stupid, but i would like to make a work in a good way.
    I'm building a shipping app; when the user selects an item from a grid i need to render a complex panel made...
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    i have the following code:

    var gridPrenotations = Ext.create('Ext.grid.GridPanel', {
    store: PrenotationsStore,
    columnLines: true,...
  22. It runs, thank you very much !!
  23. Hi,
    thank you for your answer. Should i put this code on the click handler of the "search" button instead of submit()?
  24. Hello,
    i have a Ext.form.Panel that calls a PHP page by passing search parameters; the PHP page executes a query based on those params and returns a JSON structure; in the form-success handler i...
  25. Hello,
    i have a card layout in my SenchaApp on which i would like to add a Back button to show the previous view that has been shown.
    I don't know if there is a easy way to do it; i create and...
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