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    I agree as well.
    Sometimes, there was so much generics use, I was confused as hell.

    Initially i thought, "wow that is a good way of using generics",
    but then I realized I had no idea what was...
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    Now we can all start anticipating sweet sweet grids :)
  3. I was losing hope too.
    BUT the gif trick DID IT! :)

    BOOYA! :)
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    A certainly cool effect is:

    I've been left with two options:
    1. Integrate the JS code for lightbox 2.
    2. Write my own.
    Which one is...
  5. Currently, there are multiple effects available, however you cannot use MultiEffect class with them. The classes are not visible to be added, even though it makes perfect sense for them to be...
  6. Call the "layout()" method for the ContentPanel.
    From my understand, after a widget gets rendered, if you update its content, you need to manually call layout().

    The reason resizing fixes it is...
  7. The fade-in effect in Firefox 3 does a blink at the beginning, then becomes visible.
    I looked at the code...
    For FadeIn:

    On start: el.setVisible(true);
    Then sets opacity to 0 and brings it up...
  8. Hey guys.

    I have a layout container that is 600 px.
    I then add a HorizontalPanel with 2 items (probably a total of 100px width).
    I want to put a border around the Horizontal Panel, but I find...
  9. Thanks :D
    In that case, I guess I got to be patient for the Grid update like everyone else ;)
  10. Hello,

    I have a time consuming table which I fill up with alot of data.
    However, while it is filling up, my GUI is frozen.
    You can try it with:
    While it...
  11. I know in the GWT tutorials, they teach how to use setStylePrimaryName
    however, no matter what I do it won't work with EXT GWT.


  12. XmlReader does not seem to use its newModelInstance method.
    I was hoping it would, because then I don't have to convert the returned BaseModels into its more specific subclasses.

    Unless I am...
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    Thanks! :)
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    Thank god I ran into this post.
    I was going nuts how to set the background color.

    There needs to be more CSS examples.
    In CSS it is "background-color" but here it is "backgroundColor".
    For a...
  15. Hello,

    This is my first post.

    I've been trying to get the Dashboard effect going from the Mac OS.
    Simply pressing a button should bring up all the windows, and pressing it again should get...
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