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    Hi Alex,

    I posted a bug request in the premium help forums concerning this issue and its fixed now.
  2. I think it would be better then to just zip the jar files...

    renaming the file extention is rather confusing :)

    But nice work with all the themes
  3. The files inside the zips dont have the file extension .jar

    Maybe correct that?
  4. next time please use the search form in the forum:

    already covered:
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    Last thing I heard that they are talking about support of the lib.

    Info is about 2 months old.

    Theres some basic support of gxt in the latest built of gwt designer that i use at work
  6. take a look at gwtexpoter...

    i have been working on a similiar project for quite some time now
  7. you need to trigger a rendering by calling .layout() on the container beeing updated
  8. you dont need to remove the panel from the center.

    Add a dummy Panel to the center with header visibility to false and use removeAll and add to switch content.

    ContentPanel cp = new...
  9. I want to use MessageBox.confirm to confirm a user action. In the explorer demo there is an example, but it is using the text of the button to determine which one was pressed. I cant do that because...
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    This works fine. Thanks.

    But whats the problem with my code?
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    If I try to pass a propertyeditor to datefield to display a date in german format I get a ClassCastException:

    [ERROR] Unable to load module entry point class FormPanelTest.client.App (see...
  12. this was done with beta-3. im gonna check this out with beta-4 if i have time
    thanks anyway
  13. This is what I was looking for. Thanks
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    yes i wanted to show the new added tab. works fine now thanks
  15. I cant find anythin in the api on how to set the format of a datefield like

    Day.Month.Year (german format)

    Is that not implemented or am I missing something?
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    Im Trying to replace a frame in a tabpanel. Everything seems to work fine, but i can not scroll to the inserted tabitem or show it.

    the internal position of the tabitem is -1 (left) maybe this has...
  17. I am using a Borderlayout.

    In the west area of the borderlayout i would like to use a accordion layout.
    the west area should be scrollable depending of the content in the accordion.
    also the...
  18. Okay thanks works fine now.

    Someone should edit the explorer example and add those two lines in the onModuleLoad() then:

    v.setLayout(new FitLayout());
  19. I seem to have the same problem

    I tried out the Borderlayout code from the explorer demo.
    And i dont get anything in the browser.

    So i also added the viewport to the rootpanel, but nothing...
  20. I`m evaluating GXT for my company to be used to develop a large RIA, but I`m missing a lot of documentation (structure of the framework).

    Already took a look at the help center and the eclipse...
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