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  1. Thank you!
  2. When I attempt to use code similar to the border.js that is in the Layout Example, I keep getting errors. Specifically, for this example, I keep getting the error that Ext is undefined. In general,...
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    My ASP.NET MVC3/ExtJS application requires multiple Views that need to be maintained as C# code. What would be the best way to use these Views from the client-side ExtJS? Can a Ext.Direct call to a...
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    How do I add a Filter of any kind, but specifically a StringFilter to a GridPanel in Architect?
  5. Ahhhh! or should I say Duoh!
  6. In the ReadMe for ext-direct-mvc, it states: "Add an Ext.Direct Provider to create the proxy, or stub methods, to execute server-side methods. Because most of the time you will need stub methods...
  7. I guess I'm unsure of how the javascript comes into being when using ext-direct-mvc : manually writing the code or it being generated by virtue of using the Ext.Direct MVC assembly and setting it up...
  8. I've actually been using the ext-direct-mvc assembly in my project, but from the examples I've seen I still need to use javascript classes. I'm looking for some wrapper or extension that will...
  9. I have a requirement for an application that is to use pure ExtJS on the client side but have the MVC classes in C#. Can anyone provide an example of C# classes that extend the ExtJS classes?
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