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    It doesn't seem like the find actually works even though I'm looking for a word that is definitely in the text.
    Also, a replace functionality will be great :)
  2. Did you find any solution for it? Having the same problem here too.
  3. I can't find any examples on how to use the jsonWriter with Store or TreeStore.
    I've got a nested list that is using TreeStore generated from a JSON. I'd like to edit the TreeStore and write it back...
  4. I have a nested list with all the leaf nodes set to true. I don't want to display a detailCard.
    All I want to do is make all of the leaf nodes unelectable. it looks broken when you click a leaf and...
  5. I just found the fix in a different post.
    basically, before you call Ext.util.JSONP make sure to set current to null.

    Ext.util.JSONP.current = null;
  6. That's an awesome workaround :)
    Thanks a lot for posting it, it works!
  7. Same problem here.
    It seems like the first call works correctly, and other calls after that just go into the queue.
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    I've had the same problem and it was driving me nuts.
    na8flush , your solution totally works :)
    I suppose the nested list is designed to delete the leaf card every time and recreate it again on the...
  9. fx-mike , you are right. it does work as is.
    I was trying to use the one downloaded from the website which is jsbuilder2.
    Anyways, thanks a lot for you help.
    problem solved :)
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    Yep, it works!
  11. You guys found any solution for it?
    It would be great if sencha can provide a mini tutorial on that.
    I'm using a Mac and have no idea how to build it.
  12. Is there a way to wrap a list so when you get to the end of the list, the first item is displayed right after. basically I'd like to make an infinite list , so you don't have to scroll back to the...
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    cmo'n guys,
    I assume somebody here knows how to make a button with a text aligned to the left instead of centered.
    I must be missing something so trivial, that nobody even bother answering.
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    I'm trying to align the text on the button to the left, instead of the default center.
    I was able to do it by overriding .x-button-label class, but that changes all of the buttons. so I'd like to...
  15. I just started using it and whaooo... it's unbelievable.
    Thank you so much for sharing it.
  16. That worked great!
    I've set the id for the toolbar.
    Thank you.
  17. I've got a panel with a dockedItem toolbar and I set the title of the toolbar to be "restaurant".
    How do I edit the title on runtime?

    FoodoApp.detailPanel = new Ext.Panel({
  18. It is clear now, but I don't know how to do it :)
    Maybe there's a way to disable/enable it per item?
  19. I think you just need to remove the following line.
    onItemDisclosure: true,
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