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  2. We need proper error messages here. If TreePanel absolutely wants a width to render, put that on the console please :)

  3. Ok I get it.

    If Object[], then array of items

    if Object, a config of the toolbar itself.

    Could be a bit clearer explained in the docs perhaps, I was just stuck on thinking it'd work like...
  4. Ext.Panel doesn't handle single button config as docs state.

    this.buttons = {
    text : 'Do something important',
    handler : this.onButtonClick
  6. Bump, done in 6.0.2?
  7. I think it would matter if those properties are not "internal" but shared with other objects, then of course getting rid of your reference will be key. Also guessing the GC behavior could vary from...
  8. Les, if no reference is found to any instance of your Window class or Test class, then it shouldn't matter how the object looks internally. At least that's my understanding
  9. Just did a blog post about finding memory leaks, thought it might be useful for peers in the community. Feedback would be very much appreciated.
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    Open locking tree grid sample with ?rtl=true

    See the scrollbar of normal grid displaced.
  11. Still open in 4.2.4
  12. Ext Scheduler & Ext Gantt 4.0 GA is now available. Includes Ext JS 6 support, triton theme support, new widgets and much more. For more information, please check our blog:
  13. 3rd issue. Double clicking the splitter works once only. After expanding panel again, splitter doesn't react anymore
  14. 1. Open a locked grid sample, set split to true.
    2. Double click splitter. Normal grid collapses vertically to top. I think it should instead collapse locked grid to the left to get more space for...
  15. Any reason a grid isn't possible to use as a Picker? Seems like an odd limitation, worked fine from Ext 4.x days.
  16. It's in the docs but not found on the Column class.

    Ext.grid.column.Column.prototype.getEditor // undefined
  17. Triton theme, RTL, TreeGrid, Tree column arrows are pointing right - not left.
  18. No test case. Just search for getResizeTarget in ext-all-debug.js
  19. Crashes when you try to use the ResizeeTracker class. Breaks the Scheduler resizing completely.

    From Ext.resizer.Resizer

    onResize: function(tracker, e) {
    var me = this,
  20. That's good news. It'll be in 6.0.2?
  21. Bump
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    We just announced Siesta 4.0 beta on our blog, you can read all about the release and the new features here:

  23. Bump! We need a patch for this, received multiple ticket reports on our end.
  24. Ping, any update on this. Still have quite a few test failures in our suite do to this one.
  25. Just to try to understand what you're trying to achieve. You want to modify a few properties on an inline data object and then reload the store with it? If yes, you should use the Model#set API...
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