I'd like to set the initial time in a TimeField... that is all... but I can't figure out how to do it.

I have tried setValue( Time ) but the time doesn't show up in the field.

I have tried setDateValue( new Time().getDate() ) and then it does show up, but only if the Date is less than about 20:00 hours... e.g. 23:00 hours doesn't work... why? I have no idea... maybe it's a time zone conversion issue?

I have tried select( 0 ) to choose the first item... nullpointer exception.

I have tried using findModel( min, hours ) and selecting the result... same.

I have read the javadoc and the example makes little sense to me.
I have looked at the GXT showcase and it doesn't do this so it's of no help.

Could someone please please tell me how to set the initially selected time on a TimeField?