Hi all!

I am working on web application development tool, that will allow power users to create applications, kinda like MS Access. Sure it's not close to Access, but right now EasyDb can

  • generate form or grid with

    • text field
    • date picker field
    • combo box- data from local store
    • combo box- data from remote store
    • number field

  • Within grid you can add, edit or delete data and data are saved to database
  • generate buttons so that you can link one form to another
  • buttons can pass parameters based on selected values

Homepage (with install guide and tutorial) https://www.assembla.com/wiki/show/easydb
Source (currently on SVN only): http://subversion.assembla.com/svn/easydb

Screenshot: http://tinypic.com/r/w1ftk1/6

EasyDb is licensed under GPL3, feel free to use it and will be glad to hear any feedback.