Hi family and friends,

since this is my first post about Ext Touch, here's my brief first impression/feedback for now:

Ext Touch is really amazing stuff, UI and code wise! The team earns all my respect!
I started an app the first day and pretty much copied and pasted the twitter timeline code. I could scroll that dataview up and down all day long on my iPad, so amazed was I with that scrolling behavior (and the mini scrollbar).

Unfortunately, after that first day of excitement, I didn't get much further with developing the app.
It is/was supposed to be an app for managing and creating notes and bookmarks, with some ideas from my web app http://lli.st mixed in.
To be honest, I simply lost motivation on following this idea/keeping developing the touch and web app. At least for now.

Moreover, I don't have any client project which could make use of the framework. Lucky are the ones who do.

Therefore, I've been wondering about ideas for a useful app based on Ext Touch.
I definitely would like to play more with Ext Touch, I'm just not having a good idea for a good app right now, which on the one hand would show off Ext Touch capabilities, and on the other hand really would be useful and used by people.

Basically I just want to check if there are other peeps out their that are in a similar situation and that like to brain storm some ideas and maybe even hack together on one idea.

Cheers and a great weekend to everyone,