I think I found a bug in the editor grid, take a look to the sample at :


Click in any cell of the Price column and the cursor will be at left position. Now click in a second value of the same column and the cursor will be at the right position of the field.
If you click in any cell of the Available column happens the same problem, the first cell has the cursor at the left, and other at the right.

The problem with this is when you have an empty grid that you want to enable start editing it when the user types on it, as excel acts, and in this case the first time the user types a value in the column the cursor will be at left side of the value typed so when tring to type 5.0 you would type 0.5 !

I wonder if there is any work around on this. Im using extjs 2.x but this still happens on current version as you can see in the sample link.

One more point, it only happens on ie 6,7,8.
Firefox 3 is ok.