My layout includes checkboxs that are laid out in columns. Ext is wrapping them in a <div> that looks like this...

HTML Code:
<div class="x-form-check-wrap x-box-item" id="ext-gen56" style="left: 19.5px; top: 3px;"><input type="checkbox" name="ext-comp-1043" id="ext-comp-1043" autocomplete="off" class=" x-form-checkbox x-form-field" checked=""><label class="x-form-cb-label" for="ext-comp-1043" id="ext-gen57">&nbsp;</label></div>
I am sure the style offsets this div is adding look great in a regular form, but for my purposes they keep things from lining up properly.

How do I take control, modify, and or remove this div? I do not want to simply figure out how to assign an id to modify it, as I generate these checkboxes dynamically. I really need to alter it with the parent container or checkbox itself.

Any help is appreciated!