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    Default EXT-0.82 IPhone - 3.1.3 Software / Picker Example Vertical/Horizontal Issue


    I was configuring my setup and testing out the picker example. It's in the center of the screen when I test it out in the Safari browser as expected.

    My Question

    Should the picker example on the actual Iphone be able to work when it's in both the vertical / horizontal position?

    When I start the example on the actual iphone, the full form is not displayed and is cut off on the sides.

    The only way I can get the full form to be displayed when I start the example, is to turn the phone horizontal as soon as I touch the picker example icon on the screen. The form is then smaller on the screen.

    As soon as I turn it back to vertical, the screen zooms in again and I can't get the full form to display in either the vertrical or horiziontal position.

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    This will all be fixed in the next release.

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