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Thread: Development Practicies - In Particular, Reloading Javascript Files

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    Default Development Practicies - In Particular, Reloading Javascript Files

    I can't be the only one beginning Javascript/Ext development that's struggling with this. Or maybe I am.

    I'm have an unbelievable $%@&ing time with my script files not reloading correctly during edits. I'm using Firefox with Firebug. I THOUGHT I turned off any caching for my development site. I edit using a basic text editor on the remote server. I add or remove that one friggin' semicolon necessary...think it's right...only to discover three refreshes later that the problem was elsewhere. Then I start getting some trailing garbage appended to the end of the file (NO idea what that's about).

    To summarize, my development platform includes:
    Linux Server, runing Cherokee + PHP
    PHP/JS edits performed on server via ssh using mceditor
    Viewing using local Windows and/or Linux Firefox + Firebug.

    There's gotta be a secret to this. Something really simple - that I'm totally missing. Please give me a hint what it is. If there's an IDE that simplifies this - great.

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    Doesn't really make sense. I use Aptana/FF/Firebug for a majority of my development and I never have problems.
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