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Thread: minimum distribution specifications

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    Default minimum distribution specifications

    I have tried to find out what the minimum recommended distribution is for ExtJS to work. The default expanded library comes in at 40+ MB.
    I have purchased a commercial license so it should be possible for me to remove all non-needed elements including documentation, examples etc. I would consider distributing these things for a production system.

    Is there something in the ExtJS world that describes what that would be.
    I have not been able to find this in tutorials, videos etc. wondering if this exists or I need to go the try and pray route.

    Any pointer is appreciated.

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    It depends on what you need.

    You can strip docs/examples/extra themes/ etc.

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    Simplest distribution:
    - adapter/ext/ext-base.js
    - resources/* (but you can remove the themes you don't need)
    - ext-all.js
    + any examples you need, I usually copy those from the examples folder into a separate folder for distribution

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