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Thread: Great article for tips on optimizing performance on the iPhone and iPad

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    Default Great article for tips on optimizing performance on the iPhone and iPad

    I found this article the other day and we found it pretty enlightening. It would be great to see Ext Touch considered some of these.

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    We have done extensive testing on performance and mostly came to the same conclusions as the things mentioned in that blogpost. All of the components in Ext Touch are written with these things in mind.

    I think the biggest thing application developers have to watch out for when using Ext Touch is putting heavily styled content in scrollable areas. Especially gradients, text-shadows, box-shadows and rounded corners seem to slow down scrolling.

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    It is sad that you have to choose between a fast app and a nice app. Because without opacity, box-shadow, text-shadow, gradient and rounded corners, there are not much left to do a nice work

    Any evolution on those ? Current browser still don't like those CSS styling ?
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