OK.. so I want to break with tradition using JSBuilder 1.1. I used the supplied SVN resource builder to make a nice yui-ext.css file with all the kids in the family. I want to locate the result in my assets/css/yui-ext directory for easy inclusion in my project. No problem there. The build lets me know my images are to be found in ../images/ however. I would prefer to locate my images in yui-ext/ along with yui-ext.css though... how can I change the build project file or build GUI parameters to do this?

I noticed from within the build file.. images are referenced like this inside a <file> tag

 name='images\grid\done.gif' path='images\grid'
Do I have to rearrange the source file structure? I would prefer to just do an SVN update on yui and then run my builds, without modifying how the files are layed out. Any suggestions? Thanks!!