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    Is it possible to export the GXT objects to javascript to provide a javascript api for widget development? By this I mean, I have an application that is using GXT and I have created an API using GWT Exporter than a developer can use to call my objects, but I want to let them build a widget inside my application with the same capabilities that I have from GXT. Is this possible or do I have to create my own object for each GXT object?

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    My understanding about the GWT Exporter is that you would need to provide methods to do the things you need it to do, so you _could_ subclass each widget you want to use. This won't be very easy, but that brings up my next point:

    Why are you doing this? If you are indeed just providing an API to instruct the app to do a few things, then this is fine, but if you are trying to give javascript the ability to build any arbitrary content, you should rethink the approach. Consider perhaps a dsl of some kind to describe layout/binding/your problem, or consider using the regular extjs for layout. If you still wanted to use GWT for RPC or something, you can still write that part in java, but ExtJS does a good job of building content quickly and easily from direct javascript.

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