hi team,

i am using the spinnerField inside a tabPanel with the config
deferredRender : false
when the field is not in the first active tab,
this leads to the following display errors:

1) the width gets increased by about 20px (the width of the trigger-elements)

        if (!f.width) {
            this.wrap.setWidth(el.getWidth() + this.trigger.getWidth());
2) the splitter-element (this.splitter) gets displayed over the left side of the input field

this.splitter.setRight((Ext.isIE) ? 1 : 2).setTop(10).show();
the el.setTop() - method seems to work right, el.setRight() has no chance, since the width is not known when rendering the element invisible. maybe something like setLeft (el.getWidth() - (Ext.isIE) ? 1 : 2).

i will try a bit more changing the constructor and let you know if i find a hotfix.

with kind regards