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Thread: JSON Format returned from Ext.Direct (TreeLoader component)

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    Default JSON Format returned from Ext.Direct (TreeLoader component)

    Hi I'm trying to update an application to using Ext.Direct, which was going just fine until I got to the TreePanel.
    I'm using extdirect4dotnet.

    I took a look at the Tree example for Ext.Direct and the response comes back as a JSON object i.e.:
        "type": "rpc",
        "tid": 2,
        "action": "TestAction",
        "method": "getTree",
        "result": [etc...]
    However, when I call my getTree method using extdirect4dotnet all the responses come back as an array:
            "type": "rpc",
            "tid": 3,
            "action": "Tree",
            "method": "GetTree",
            "result": [ etc...]
    This works fine for regular Direct Method calls where I define my own response handler, however for TreeLoader I don't think you can do that can you? Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    Result should be an array of objects:
    PHP Code:
    Need a bit more info to tell what could be wrong (complete treepanel code and server side method).

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