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    Default Noob: How to get a long page of content inside a carousel to scroll vertically?

    Yes, this sounds like (and probably *is*) a newbie question, but I'll swallow my pride:

    Given a panel full of images that's taller than the viewport, how do I get vertical scrolling to work? I bet this isn't even carousel related so the question could be generalized to this: How do I get the panel to size itself correctly so that I can view all its contents by scrolling vertically?

    Code can be viewed at http://pastie.org/private/fhyen395twuxhozol4dahg

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    Here is an example of how to do that.

    // Add a page of content
    var images = [
    var str = images.map( function( path, index ){ return "<img src='" + path + "'/>"; }).join('');
    var imagePanel = new Ext.Panel({
      title: "Images",
      cls: 'images-container',
      html: str,
      scroll: 'vertical'
    // Create the carousel and add the panels
    var remote = new Ext.Carousel({
      fullscreen: true,
      items: [imagePanel, dPadPanel, numberPadPanel], // I have a couple other panels in the carousel; removed for brevity
      indicator: false
    Note that autoHeight is not needed and it is scroll: 'vertical' instead of vertical: 'scroll'.

    I am interested to hear from you if a vertical scroller inside a horizontal carousel works though, so let us know.

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