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Thread: [Updated] Ext.Direct provider and example for Connect on NodeJS

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    Talking [Updated] Ext.Direct provider and example for Connect on NodeJS

    I completed a large ExtJS project earlier this year that had a Java back-end and was plumbed using DWR and the DWRProxy. It was a fun project. I had been wanting to work with ExtJS for years and finally had a perfect project for it and it has been fairly successful and a well liked application. But the one thing that always got stuck in my craw was all of the data transformation that we had to go through from the back database to the front-side JavaScript and when I stumbled across NodeJS and MongoDB earlier this year I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

    So I resolved to take some time and try it out and see if it would be as cool as I thought. I just finished getting an example grid working last night and I thought I'd share. the attached zip contains the basic application code and I've also included the folder structure (minus all of the library files except for my hacked direct provider).

    I've also posted a more detailed blog on this that you can see here. I'm not claiming that my sample is the uber exact solution. Especially not my direct provider as I've only implemented enough to make my grid example work. I'm sure there would be more needed to fully support forms and file uploads. I'm sure the great guys working on Connect will soon come out with a more complete solution supporting ExtJS on NodeJS. But until then, here is something you might find interesting. Please comment. I'd be interested in your suggestions. I'm not sure I will have time to actively maintain this direct provider and like I said, my expectations are that an official one will come out eventually.

    Update: Attached download updated to work with
    * NodeJS v0.2.0+
    * Conect v0.2.4+
    * Mongoose v0.0.2+
    * MongoDB v1.6.0
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Default extdirect by sencha

    It seems that is doing something in this way:

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