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Thread: [INFOREQ] Ext.form.ComboBox -> ctCls - config

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default [INFOREQ] Ext.form.ComboBox -> ctCls - config

    hello again,

    i tried out this config for the first time, just setting a class:

    .marginTop16 {
        margin-top: 16px;
    in ie8 and chrome, this moves down the whole container als expected.
    in ff 3.6.6 this does not move down the labelText.

    ok, i can write:

    ctCls      : 'marginTop16',
    labelStyle : Ext.isGecko3 ? 'margin-top:16px;' : ''
    off topic: it would be nice if both configs could address a style or css, so +1 for a labelCls-config.

    with this litte workaround, the alignment is nice, but in chrome there is another layout-issue: the height of the trigger and the input-field do not match any longer (screen attached).

    kind regards,
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    Best regards
    Tobias Uhlig

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    Please provide a complete test case.

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