Introducting the Awesome Uploader!
Ext JS Component

This uses native drag and drop abilities in Firefox 3.6+ & Chrome 5+ to perform uploads and show upload progress.

Also if you have flash, swfupload will be used to allow multiple file selection and upload progress.

If you do not have flash, a normal file uploader will be used.

There is also a PHP examples for how to handle the uploads.

Released under BSD license!

2010-07-13 v1.2
Renamed config "standardUploadPath" to: "standardUploadUrl" for consistency
Removed config flashSwfUploadFileSizeLimit
added config maxFileSizeBytes
added config extraPostData:{ } to send POST variables along with an upload
NOTE: Only works in swfupload and standard upload across all browsers
added config supressPopups (Bool) to disable showing messages
added config xhrSendMultiPartFormData (WARNING: Firefox 3.6+ only!)
added config xhrFilePostName (Only works when dragDropSendMultiPartFormData=true)
added event fileSelectionError

2010-07-09 v1.1

Added "awesomeUploaderRoot" property

2010-07-07 v1.0
Initial Release