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Thread: Auto Complete combobox on typing single character

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    Default Auto Complete combobox on typing single character

    The Ext.form.ComboBox can be used to support autocomplete - choices either form local or
    remote data store that prefill a list under the edit area as you type.

    But it seems it always start to do so after at least 4 characters are typed in.
    The doc on Ext.form.ComboBox does not list any property to change this.

    So, how can one start the autocomplete upon first character?
    See example:

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    the api has:
    minChars  : Number
    The minimum number of characters the user must type before autocomplete and typeAhead activate (defaults to 4 if mode = 'remote' or 0 if mode = 'local', does not apply if editable = false).

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