I am currently looking into Sencha Touch but had some questions I was hoping this community could answer. I am most interested in the offline storage capabilities. I have an environment where the users use both a laptop and also PDAs/Smartphones to access the same website. They often are in a disconnected environment without network access. Right now we use 3rd party software to handle our online vs offline content (outside of the website). Many of the users go into the office, use this 3rd party tool to sync up to get the latest forms they need to fill out, and then head out to the field where they fill out the forms in an offline mode. When they are back in the office, they sync things up and do final finishing touches via the website.

I need more information in how Sensa Touch manages:
1) Internationalized applications (where my translations for everything from text box labels to paragraph text is all stored in a database).
2) Windows Mobile 7 & Blackberry - Will Sensa Touch be available for these platforms/browsers (ie 9, blackberry browser, etc)?
3) Offline usage (LocalStorage), Syncing data, Creating new data offline and syncing, editing existing data offline and syncing, etc. How does syncing work if it is stopped in the middle (is everything sent again, or only parts that weren't synced before, etc)?
4) Does Sensa Touch Detect if the browser supports the features we are trying to use? So for instance, if you have an old IPhone which does not support all of the HTML5 features and load the application which does use HTML5, does it check to see if each component you want to use is supported in the browser? Do we have to build those checks into our code to do that checking so that we can utilize a non-html5 component should the need arise? Does it do more browser sniffing or browser detection (checking to see what features are available vs what browser we are using)?

Is it possible to have set of code that would work both connected (via web) and offline (where we would need to sync)?

Sorry if these are a lot of questions. I'm trying to determine if Sensa Touch will work, if we need to combine it with ExtJS, or if I'm completely heading in the wrong direction!