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    Default ExtendedRowExpander

    Hello everybody,
    I've used the ExtendedRowExpander class I found on the forum so as to make cascading grids.

    I have only put only grid (sub-grid) under the main one, I have no problems, it works well.
    But if I put another grid (sub-sub-grid) under the one (sub-grid) under the main one, I have some problems.

    There is a "$(body)" that is not supposed to be here. I have to click on the expander to make it disappear and the sub-sub-grid appear.

    I have attached an image to this message that shows my problem.

    And here is the ExtendedRowExpander class code.

    Do you have an idea of how I could make the "$(body)" disappear?

    Thanks for your help,

    public class ExtendedRowExpander extends RowExpander
    private Widget contentWidget;
    private LayoutContainer contentContainer;

    public ExtendedRowExpander()

    protected boolean beforeExpand(ModelData model, Element body, El row, int rowIndex)
    RowExpanderEvent e = new RowExpanderEvent(this);

    if (fireEvent(Events.BeforeExpand, e))
    if (contentWidget != null)
    body.setInnerHTML(getBodyContent(model, rowIndex));
    // body.setInnerHTML("");
    contentContainer = new LayoutContainer();
    contentContainer.add(contentWidget, new RowData(1, -1));
    if (!contentContainer.isAttached())
    this.grid.addListener(Events.Detach, new Listener<BaseEvent>()
    public void handleEvent(BaseEvent be)
    if (contentContainer.isAttached())
    return true;
    return false;

    public Widget getContentWidget()
    return contentWidget;

    public void setContentWidget(Widget contentWidget)
    this.contentWidget = contentWidget;
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