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Thread: Correct the error of using EVAL () in AIR

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    Exclamation Correct the error of using EVAL () in AIR

    hello friends,
    I want to know how I can do to correct this mistakes as it is very important to me, I tell you what I'm trying to do:

    First I have a system in Adobe AIR, and everything works fine, but I want to do is that in a PHP page prints I say alert ('HELLO');
    and the application I want to execute a function that returns me is what the AJAX, as shown below:

    Ext.Ajax.request({ url:'', method:'POST', autoLoad:true,
         params:{ pUsu:String('pUsu'), pPsw:String('pPsw') }, evalScripts:true,
         success:function(result,request){ eval(result.responseText); },
         failure:function(result,request){ air.trace('Failure'); }

    then if you look where I have the eval is that what it should return the AJAX run:
    This bone
    eval (result.responseText);
    all I have in the test.php page is:
    PHP Code:

        alert('Hola ... !!!');

    por me da un error que es:
    Error: Adobe AIR runtime security violation for JavaScript code in the application security sandbox (eval)

    if anyone knows how to correct this error and they would appreciate a lot, and it is very important for me to do that because I need to run functions that come from the pages of php

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    I have to disappoint you. It's not possible to use eval() inside/after Ext.onReady.

    Define the functions in JavaScript and return the parameters you need. Preferably in JSON.

    success: function(response) {
    	var r = Ext.decode(response.responseText);
    PHP Code:
    echo json_encode(array(
    'myAlertText' => 'Hello'
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