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    Question changing scroll direction onOrientationChange

    I have a parent container that has two children, 1 docked panel, and another that is fit to the remaining space.

    The docked panel is initially set with a scroll direction based on the ipad orientation. onOrientation change, I move the docked panel to another position and I also wish to change the scroll direction. The dock position change works fine but not the scroll direction change, it just keeps the initial scroll config. The most obvious way to me seems to be the following:

    onOrientationChange: function(orientation, w, h) {
            News.newsPanel.superclass.onOrientationChange.call(this, orientation, w, h);
            if(orientation == 'portrait') {
                this.setSize(News.shortDim, News.longDim);
                this.headlinesPanel.dock = 'bottom';
                this.headlinesPanel.height = 250;
                this.headlinesPanel.scroll = 'horizontal';
            else {
                this.setSize(News.longDim, News.shortDim);
                this.headlinesPanel.dock = 'left';
                this.headlinesPanel.width = 250;
                this.headlinesPanel.scroll = 'vertical';
    I've also tried this.headlinesPanel.setScrollable('direction') in place of the this.headlinesPanel.scroll = 'direction'; lines.

    Any thoughts on why this isn't working?

    I appreciate the advice!

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    In the next release 0.94 I have modified the setScrollable function to support changing the current scroll configuration.

    This means that you would be able to do:
    component.setScrollable('vertical'); // or 'both' or 'horizontal'
    In the meantime you could apply the following override that adds this capability.
    Ext.override(Ext.Component, {
         * Sets a Component as scrollable.
         * @param config {Mixed}
         * Acceptable values are a Ext.Scroller configuration, 'horizontal', 'vertical', 'both', and false
        setScrollable : function(config) {
            if (config !== false) {
                if (this.scroller) {
                var direction = Ext.isObject(config) ? config.direction: config,
                    both = direction === 'both',
                    horizontal = both || direction === 'horizontal',
                    vertical = both || direction === true || direction === 'vertical';
                config = Ext.apply({},
                Ext.isObject(config) ? config: {}, {
                    momentum: true,
                    horizontal: horizontal,
                    vertical: vertical
                if (!this.scrollEl) {
                    this.scrollEl = this.getContentTarget().createChild();
                    this.originalGetContentTarget = this.getContentTarget;
                    this.getContentTarget = function() {
                        return this.scrollEl;
                this.scroller = new Ext.util.Scroller(this.scrollEl, config);
            else {
                this.getContentTarget = this.originalGetContentTarget;

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