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Thread: Show empty TreePanel branch nodes using the branch icon (not leaf icon)

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    Default Show empty TreePanel branch nodes using the branch icon (not leaf icon)

    The default TreePanel changes the branch node icon to a leaf node icon if not children exist. This doesn't really make sense to me - in the GXT examples a folder of music gets a music icon if there is no music in it. It's still a folder - just an empty one!

    The code below is a ModelIconProvider that fixes this, with the caveat that you must add a property to each leaf model. See the javadoc for an example:


    import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.treepanel.TreePanel;
    import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.treepanel.TreeStyle;
     * Enables TreePanel to have branch nodes with no children preserving the (open and closed) branch node icon.
     * Default TreePanel changes the branch node to a leaf node if no children exist.
     * <p>Usage:
     * <pre>
     * TreePanel treePanel = new TreePanel<ModelData>(store));
     * treePanel.setIconProvider(new BranchPreservingIconProvider<ModelData>(treePanel));
     * ...
     * //Each leaf node model must set the {@link BranchPreservingIconProvider#IS_LEAF} property
     * BaseTreeModel treeItem = new BaseTreeModel();
     * treeItem.set(BranchPreservingIconProvider.IS_LEAF, Boolean.TRUE);
     * </pre>
     * </p>
     * @param <M> ModelData type
     * @author Carl Pritchett
    public class BranchPreservingIconProvider<M extends ModelData> implements ModelIconProvider<M>
        public static final String IS_LEAF = "isLeaf";
        private TreePanel<M> treePanel;
        public BranchPreservingIconProvider(TreePanel<M> treePanel)
            this.treePanel = treePanel;
        public AbstractImagePrototype getIcon(M model)
            TreeStyle ts = treePanel.getStyle();
            AbstractImagePrototype style = ts.getLeafIcon();
            if (!Boolean.TRUE.equals(model.get(IS_LEAF)))
                if (treePanel.isExpanded(model))
                    style = ts.getNodeOpenIcon();
                    style = ts.getNodeCloseIcon();
            return style;
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