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Thread: Ext.ux.Printer including row body

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    Thumbs up Ext.ux.Printer including row body

    Ed Spencer created an awesome library for printing grids and trees. Check it out at Ext.ux.Printer.

    The thing is that my app contains a lot of grids that either use row bodies or the RowExpander grid plugin for extra data. I tweaked the GridPanelRenderer so that it would print the extra body if visible. Below is the new code.

     * @class Ext.ux.Printer.GridPanelRenderer
     * @extends Ext.ux.Printer.BaseRenderer
     * @author Ed Spencer
     * Helper class to easily print the contents of a grid. Will open a new window with a table where the first row
     * contains the headings from your column model, and with a row for each item in your grid's store. When formatted
     * with appropriate CSS it should look very similar to a default grid. If renderers are specified in your column
     * model, they will be used in creating the table. Override headerTpl and bodyTpl to change how the markup is generated.
     * @author pscrawford Enhanced to include the row body.
     * @constructor
     * @param {Object} config
    Ext.ux.Printer.GridPanelRenderer = Ext.extend(Ext.ux.Printer.BaseRenderer, {
        * @property bodyTpl
        * @type Ext.XTemplate
        * The XTemplate used to create each row. This is used inside the 'print' function to build another XTemplate, to which the data
        * are then applied (see the escaped dataIndex attribute here - this ends up as "{dataIndex}")
        bodyTpl: new Ext.XTemplate(
                '<tpl for=".">',
        * @property headerTpl
        * @type Ext.XTemplate
        * The XTemplate used to create the headings row. By default this just uses <th> elements, override to provide your own
        ,headerTpl: new Ext.XTemplate(
                '<tpl for=".">',
         * @property rowBodySelector
         * @type String
        ,rowBodySelector: '.x-grid3-row-body'
        * Generates the body HTML for the grid
        * @param {Ext.grid.GridPanel} grid The grid to print
        ,generateBody: function(grid) {
            var columns = this.getColumns(grid)
                //use the headerTpl and bodyTpl XTemplates to create the main XTemplate below
                ,headings = this.headerTpl.apply(columns)
                ,body     = this.bodyTpl.apply(columns)
                ,table = [
                      '<tpl for=".">{1}',
                        '<tpl if="rowBody">',
                          '<tr><td colspan={2}>{rowBody}</td></tr>',
            return String.format(table, headings, body, columns.length);
        } //eof generateBody
        * Prepares data from the grid for use in the XTemplate
        * @param {Ext.grid.GridPanel} grid The grid panel
        * @return {Array} Data suitable for use in the XTemplate
        ,prepareData: function(grid) {
            //We generate an XTemplate here by using 2 intermediary XTemplates - one to create the header,
            //the other to create the body (see the escaped {} below)
            var columns = this.getColumns(grid)
                //build a useable array of store data for the XTemplate
                ,data = []
                ,ds = grid.getStore()
                ,view = grid.getView()
                ,hasRowBody = view.enableRowBody
                ,sel = this.rowBodySelector
            ds.each(function(item, rowIndex) {
                var convertedData = {};
                //apply renderers from column model
                Ext.iterate(, function(key, value) {
                    Ext.each(columns, function(column) {
                        if (column.dataIndex == key) {
                            convertedData[key] = column.renderer ? || this, value, {}, item) : value;
                            return false;
                    }, this);
                rb = null;
                if (hasRowBody){
                    row = view.getRow(rowIndex);
                    if (row){
                        el =;
                        if (el && el.isVisible()){
                            rb = el.dom.innerHTML;
                convertedData['rowBody'] = rb;
            return data;
        } //eof prepareData
        * Returns the array of columns from a grid
        * @param {Ext.grid.GridPanel} grid The grid to get columns from
        * @return {Array} The array of grid columns
        ,getColumns: function(grid) {
            var columns = [];
            Ext.each(grid.getColumnModel().config, function(col) {
                if (!col.hidden && col.dataIndex){ 
            }, this);
            return columns;
        } //eof getColumns
    Ext.ux.Printer.registerRenderer('grid', Ext.ux.Printer.GridPanelRenderer);
    Thanks Ed for such an extensible library!

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    Thanks for doing all the work for me ;-)

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