Hi @ll,

i searched in the Forum and in the Api Documentation but i couldn`t find a solution, and i think the questions/solution is quite simple, maybe i searched for the false cue. X) SenchaTouch (Version 0.93)

I have a "List" like the List in the examples, with a searchfield.
If i write a word in this searchbox, i get the listIndex and i select
this word in the list. That works.

But i cant scroll to this item in the list. ;(

Some code:

var searchbox = new Ext.form.SearchField({
            placeholder: 'Search',
            enableKeyEvents : true,
            style: 'width: 180px; background-color:#fff;',
            centered: true,
            store: wordList,
            cls: 'usearch',
             listeners: {
                keyup: {
                       fn: function(dataview)
                               var value = searchbox.getValue();

                               if (value.length > 0)
                                   var listId = wordList.find('word',value);


                            scope: this,
                            buffer: 400}
            } // listener
I can scroll with

"browseList.scroller.scrollTo({x:0,y:0}, true);"

to the top, but i need the x and y coordinates from the selected item. Futhermore i test to focus this row and
to scroll in the View but it doesn`t works.

greetz and thx