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Thread: [SOLVED] question on factory function

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    Default [SOLVED] question on factory function

    Can someone help?

    I have a function and I want to change the baseParams of the store without recreating the entire store if possible.

    function createCombo(config) {
        return new Ext.form.ComboBox(Ext.apply({
        	id: 'mycombo',
    	fieldLabel: 'Locations',
    	displayField: 'name',
    	name: 'list_ids',
    	mode: 'local',
    	triggerAction: 'all',
    	store: new{
    		proxy: new{
    			url: 'list.php',
    			method: 'post'
    		autoLoad: true,
    		baseParams: {Field1: '1', Field2: '2', Field3: '3'},
    		fields: [{name: 'id'}, {name: 'name'}],
    		id: 'id',
    		root: 'Records'
       }, config));
    I realize this will not work, but could use some help. How do I pass the new baseParams in the function?

    id: 'mynewcombo',
    baseParams: {Field1: '99', Field2: '100', Field3: '101'}
    Thanks, Marty

    I changed this line in the function


    baseParams: {Field1: '1', Field2: '2', Field3: '3'},
    baseParams: config.baseParams || {Field1: '1', Field2: '2', Field3: '3'},
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