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Thread: [FIXED-223] Too many touchstart events on multi-touch platform

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default [FIXED-223] Too many touchstart events on multi-touch platform

    In trying to investigate the problem mentioned in my previous post (223) I have discovered that there seem to be too many events fired on iPhone & iPad when two fingers are used. The action I am investigating is (a) touch and hold on a target 1 then, without letting go, (b) touch and hold on target 2. So if we only consider touchstart events I would expect a touchstart on target 1 followed by a touchstart on target 2. If I remove the finger from target 2 I would not expect any more touchstart events.

    What actually happens (code attached) is that on touch (b) I get two touchstart events (one for each target). Often (but not always) I get another touchstart on removing the finger from target 2.

    In my example there are three targets , two green tappables and the grey backplane. Any two of these three can be used as the two targets for testing.

    [As a P.S., and not really related to the above, I have been having a look at the code of TouchEventManager and I see in ext-touch-debug.js, in TouchEventManager, in the 'onTouchMove' section

    if (track.tap && absDeltaX >= me.tapThreshold || absDeltaY >= me.tapThreshold) { looks to me as though another set of brackets around the 'or' condition might be required.]
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    Thanks corgs,

    We'll examine both issues.
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    With the new gesture system in 0.96 this should be fixed. If you could confirm after the release, that would be very helpful.

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