The documentation mentions 4 types of exceptions:

  • Ext.Direct.exceptions.TRANSPORT : 'xhr'
  • Ext.Direct.exceptions.PARSE : 'parse'
  • Ext.Direct.exceptions.LOGIN : 'login'
  • Ext.Direct.exceptions.SERVER : 'exception'

I looked at the code and only see 'exception' actually used. Do the others actually work? Are there any examples?

I'd like to be able to throw a login exception if the user is not logged in, but that doesn't seem to be how it works.

the eventTypes are listed as:

  • event : Ext.Direct.Event
  • exception : Ext.Direct.ExceptionEvent
  • rpc : Ext.Direct.RemotingEvent

so I don't even know how you could throw an exception with a different type since the json reads:

{"type":"exception", ...
any suggestions welcome.