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Thread: How to handle Session Timeout?

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    Default How to handle Session Timeout?

    Sorry if I'm asking a very noobish question. I just got into Ext JS few days ago. I guess my question maybe too low level to find anywhere else.

    Here's my questions:

    1. Let say I'm using that GridPanel and I enabled "auto update". Assume, I'm refreshing the value in the GridPanel every minute or so. But, for whatever the reason... the user leaves his station and gone to vacation for entire month. Is there a elegant solution to automatically logout using ExtJS? If not, would I have to create special keyboard/mouse listener and keep some sort "active" flag?

    2. This question is regarding the re-login. Let say, a user was inactive for 1 hour and decided to press the "search" button. In order to use search functionality, the session must be valid. Is there a way ExtJS can intercept this and display the login window and then proceed with the original request?

    In advance, sorry for noobish questions.

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    Many times. See "similar threads" below
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