Should be simple. Isn't. The a tag has an href, so the browser wants to follow the link. I don't want it to. Instead I want to load the href via an AJAX call.

Ext.onReady ( function () {
    Ext.BLANK_IMAGE_URL = "/js/extjs/resources/images/default/s.gif"; ("div#topmenu ul li a").on ("click", (
         function (e, t) {
             e.cancelEvent();   // doesn't work
             return false;        // doesn't work either 
I'm hoping to eventually replace this bit of jQuery code with an Ext equivalent:

$(function() {
    $("div#topmenu ul li a").click ( function() {
        $("div#middle").fadeOut ("slow").hide().load (
            function() { $("div#middle").fadeIn("slow"); }
        $("").removeClass ("active");
        return false;
but I can't even get past handling the click properly, which is frankly pretty discouraging.