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Thread: How to set start/end TIME for Ext.calendar.CalendarPanel (Ext 3.3. beta)

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    Question How to set start/end TIME for Ext.calendar.CalendarPanel (Ext 3.3. beta)


    Have scoured the API and can't find a single config item/method that lets you control start and end times. Component assumes that the day always starts at 12am and goes through to 11pm but I need to customize this.

    Have tried using setStartDate() but that only seems to set bounds in terms of the date and not times. Kind of suprised this hasn't been added as a config parameter in the first place but there you go.

    I had started hacking DayBodyTemplate.js and mucked around with the code below which seems to allow you to set a range but the extra space for missing hours is still rendered and the link between the position in the grid and times rendered is all wrong so there must be more to the puzzle:

    var times = [], dt = new Date().clearTime();
            for(i=0; i<24; i++){
                dt = dt.add(Date.HOUR, 1);
    Can someone in the dev team please help? Or perhaps suggest a starting point?


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    the description of the method and everything else is inside the extjs framework code click into the source code and u'll see some example. Be patience because this is not like jquery and other easier frameworks. And yes further more u'll find some helpful answer

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    There is currently no setting for restricting the day/week views to a time range. I have that in my plans for Ext Calendar Pro, but I haven't looked into it yet to see what it would take to implement. Please note that the version in 3.3 is a sample only, and the intention was not to provide every possible feature and config option. I'll take a look shortly and if this is simple to implement I'll try to provide an override here.

    BTW, this request was brought up in the Extensible forums and I'm tracking it here.

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