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A possible use case: in TreePanel.beforeNodeDrop(), I want to perform server-side rather than client-side validation of the drop so that the logic about valid drop locations doesn't have to reside in the client. beforeNodeDrop() must return false to stop the drop, but it returns without receiving a response from the server. The server response can only be captured in the callback, but from there you can't control what beforeNodeDrop() returns. Is there a way to do this other than using a synchronous call?
This was just the sort of use case I was going to post: server side validation of some data before proceeding: thats precisely the situation I find myself in today (albeit having nothing to do with TreePanel, because I get the impression from grepping the ExtJS 3 source code this may have been addressed though I'm not positive).

But just being asked to provide a use case in such a terse way is bad customer relations in my opinion.