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Thread: How to manage the Editable function of a Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel

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    Default How to manage the Editable function of a Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel

    Hi I have say 2 grids added to the tab panel.I am using the same store to populate the two grids.
    The problem is, if I click on any one cell on the grid one ,coreesponding column in the grid 2 becomes non editable.
    I need only one grid to be editable at a time.But there should be some mechanism to reset the wrongly chosen grid with out a whole screen refresh
    Also I am using same columnmodel/Coulmn defenition for both these grids.

    I cannot go for seperate column defenitins defineing new editor as in actual case I have around 10 grids with variable column definition

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    Grids can't share the same columnmodel. You will have to create separate column models for you grids.

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