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Thread: Can't be configured scale for chart

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    Default Can't be configured scale for chart


    I have tried to configure scale for my charts I got the data from database, it changes the chart but the scale is not the right one for my chart it is always {0, 0.5, 1}.
    I have used some Axis properties like adjust;aximunByMajorUnit, majorunit, minorunit but they have not worked.

    I attached an image to show how it looks, for "sep 2009" the point in charts is not appearing.
    and this is my source:

    StatChartPanel = function(){,{
    region : 'north',
    id: 'statChartPanel',
    margins: '5 5 0',
    split: true,
    minHeight: 100,
    maxHeight: 500
    this.on('afterrender', function() {
    this.add(new Ext.Panel({
    id :'chartPanel',
    title: 'All - Fees',
    items:[new Ext.chart.LineChart({
    store: storeStatChart,
    url : BASE_URL+'/javascripts/main/extjs/resources/charts.swf',
    xField: 'month',
    yField: 'value'
    }) );

    thanks in advance for any help!!
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