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    Default Integrating GXT with Adobe AIR

    Hello Commnity,
    A couple of months ago i started a personal project to enable GXT developers to be able to deploy their application inside adobe AIR.

    the library is almost done and here are some of the features :

    1) A FilesystemExplorer component that enable to browse local filesystem (see sreenshot)
    2) An Adapter for GXT so there is no Securty Error from Adobe AIR (eval )
    3) An Adapater to make GWT RPC possible inside AIR (You still can use normal AJAX though)
    4) Export : GXT Chart to PDF, HTML, PNG
    5) Export GXT Grid to EXcel
    6) Drag and Drop from the OS to the App
    7) and more to come....

    and off cource the application still can run as a normal web app (Without the AIR functions)

    The library is nt finische yet, but i m planing to relaseae it end of the month (Open Source and Free of course)

    as a POC i build a lil application (See sreenshots)

    I would like to have some feedback, to know if there are peoples out there, who need something line that(Hopefully i did nt word for nothing )


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