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Thread: Posting datasource information Problems

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    Default Posting datasource information Problems

    I have a grid (with pagination) that shows user information and addresses. I have added a button to the tool bar called 'showmap' that opens a dialog box (in turn calling another page with the datasource info as a post variable).

    The first time i do this it works fine...code:
    //collect data source information

    var recordCount = ds.getCount();
    var rows = ds.getRange(0,recordCount);
    var data = new Array();
    for(x=0;x<recordCount;x++) {
    data[x] = rows[x].data;

    // convert the data to json
    var json_data = Ext.encode(data);

    ds.baseParams = { 'data': json_data };

    // get window and redirect to show map page
    var newTab = Ext.get('center');
    var updater = newTab.getUpdateManager({disableCaching:true, loadScripts: true});
    var mapurl = "mapoffenders.aspx";

    After closing this dialog and then clicking on the button again that opens it, I get the following error:
    this.header has no properties

    BasicDialog(Object dom=iframe#mapview.x-dlg id=mapview, Object modal=true width=700 height=500 shadow=true)ext-all.js (line 136)
    BasicDialog("mapview", Object modal=true width=700 height=500 shadow=true)ext-all.js (line 136)
    showMap(Object pressed=true enableToggle=true text=Show Map View, true)mw_paging.js (line 102)
    Button(true)ext-all.js (line 124)
    Button(Object browserEvent=Event blur button=-1 type=blur)ext-all.js (line 124)
    EventManager(Object browserEvent=Event blur button=-1 type=blur)ext-all.js (line 18)
    getViewWidth(click clientX=0, clientY=0)ext-base.js (line 12)
    [Break on this error] Ext.BasicDialog=function(el,_2){this.el=Ext.get(el);var

    I am 100% positive that it has something to do with the code that attempts to collect the datasource information. The reason I am doing this over and over is because there is pagination on the grid and i want to make sure i get the latest data that is being shown.

    Could someone please advise me on why this might be occuring?


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    I got the same problem too. The submit function button can not act for the second time.
    Could someone please post a suggestion to solve it?

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    I've killed my problem.
    It's all because I first change some attribute of an el and then remove it when update done.
    So there is no such el for me in the second time and it error.
    Maybe you could check yours.
    Atleast , my UpdateManager works well

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